Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 Genuine Buddy 150cc International Series PAMPLONA and ST. TROPEZ IN STOCK!

Just received shipment of our Genuine Buddy 150cc International Series Pamplona and St. Tropez scooters! Fantastic scooters with a powerful 150cc 4-stroke engine with oil cooler, tubeless Maxxis whitewall tires, LOUD 139 decibel intimidator Stebel air horn, excellent handling, two tone paint and custom color saddles and grips.

(click on any of the pics for a higher resolution image)

We didn't think scooters could get any better, faster or more fun than the '07 Buddy 125s, but Genuine has done it again! Great support from Genuine, 2 year warranty and 1 year roadside assistance. We only had the International Series on our showroom floor for a few days last month, so if you missed out last time, make sure you stop by right away!

We also were able to get one Genuine Buddy 125 in the very popular Ivory color, as well as a Red with the tubless Maxxis whitewalls already installed! (usually a $165 option). The Genuine Buddy 125 has been clocked at an indicated 70mph plus!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Genuine Buddy 150cc International Series SHIPMENT THIS WEEK!

We're expecting our next shipment of 150cc Genuine Buddy International Series St. Tropez and Pamplona THIS WEEK! They're in short supply, and dealers are selling out quickly. Luckily we put in our pre-order and are receiving 1 Genuine Buddy St. Tropez, 2 Genuine Buddy Pamplonas, and a 49cc Little Italia! (49cc scooters only require a car driver license to operate in PA).

We had our last St. Tropez and Pamplona on the showroom floor for less than 3 days! So stop by and put down a deposit to make sure you get yours, just in time for warmer rider weather!

We also just traded another dealer for a 125cc Series Italia, in stock and ready to go!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Coming Soon...." to Philadelphia Scooters

A roundup of scooters "Coming Soon..." to Philadelphia Scooters! When we're not at the shop, working on scooters or riding scooters, in our spare time we're searching the internet for all things scooter related.

One of our favorite sites for excellent scooter industry coverage and scooter reviews is Dave Harrington's, which also includes Podcasts with scooter dealers and manufacturers.

As you know, Genuine Scooters has just re-introduced America's favorite scooter, the Genuine Stella in all her 2-stroke glory. (We still have a few left, so hurry in before they're gone!). On the latest edition of JustGottaScoot's Podcast with Phil McCaleb of Genuine Scooters, Phil hints at an automatic twist 'n go Stella Scooter!

Genuine's manufacturing partner, LML was once a joint venture partner with Piaggio, and has the tooling and rights to build the steel bodied LML "Clipper" or what was known as the ET4 . Is this the steel-bodied Stella twist 'n go scooter for 2009? Let the speculation begin...

2009 Automatic Stella?

We're also anxiously awaiting our shipment of the Genuine Roughhouse R50 scooter. Similar to the "Black Cat" with more subtle colors and graphics, we've found this 49cc dual-sport scoot rock solid, and really, really, really fast!!! Pops off the line, and we've buried the speedo on the Black Cat! Can't wait to get on a Roughhouse!

2008 Genuine Roughhouse R50

Over at SYM, dealers have gotten word to expect the retro styled SYM Vogue 50 and 125 sometime in the summer of 2008. We've been very pleased with the SYM quality and reliablity, but the modern styling of many of their current scoots appeals more to the European and Asian markets. With the right colors, smart marketing and anticipated lower price point, the retro looking SYM Vogue is set to compete well in the classic styled scooter market. (Photo courtesy of and SYM).

2008 Sym Vogue
(and we kinda like these colors)

At the 2008 Indy Dealer Expo, SYM USA also showcased the "Wow Wow", a virtual twin to the most popular motorcycle in the world, the Honda Cub or Passport (CT70?). In the pics it looks like there's no clutch lever, so it may be an automatic or at least a clutchless shifter scoot. We'd love to see the "Wow Wow" on our showroom floor!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Genuine Rattler Buck Ten!

Remember your first two-stroke dirt bike? That instant burst of power when you pulled the throttle, flying through the dirt trails (or your neighbors' backyards!) Well, here's the modern, street legal, DOT, EPA approved scooter version! The powerful 110cc engine is the largest displacement 2 stroke scooter with an automatic transmission available.

This scoot flies! Instant punch off the line, a wheelie machine with gas charged rear shock, large 12" alloys wheels, street eating - FAT rear tire to really put the power to the pavement. Furious Fast Fun!

...and there's even a performance kit too!

Highway Cruiser!

Just received a Kymco People S 250 for the upcoming riding season. A true highway cruiser, the Kymco People S 250 features a powerful, liquid-cooled 250cc SOHC engine, large 16" alloy wheels with fat, meaty rubber, hydraulic dual front disc brakes, hydraulic rear disc brakes to haul you down from those freeway speeds. Dual rear shocks, telescopic front forks and the large motorcycle size wheels smooth out the ride, and offer positive handling and confident cornering.

(click on the pics for higher resolution images!)

We've found the Kymco People S 250 to be a fast, freeway capable machine, with firm handling and excellent braking. One of our favorite 250cc scooters, the People S 250 gives you confidence to ride downashore, and nimble enough to use as an urban commuter, with ample under seat storage and a roomy floorboard. Roomy dual seat to bring your significant other. The perfect second car, the People S 250 gets between 65 mpg - 75 mpg!

Kymco has proven to be one of the most reliable bullet-proof scooters worldwide, with excellent parts and service support, all with a 2 year limited warranty! Stop by the shop and check out all our Kymco scooters!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Genuine Stella All Dressed Up and Ready to Go!

(Click on the images for a high resolution pics)

All dressed up and ready to go! Here's the new Avocado color Genuine Stella with Genuine chrome cowl protectors, Genuine chrome backrest with fold down rear rack, and Stainless Steel Moon hubcaps, accented by the stock whitewall tires (Avocado only).

Philadelphia Scooters carries the full line of Genuine accessories including windshields, chrome front fender guards, chrome front and rear fold down racks, chrome leg shield protectors and whitewall tires to dress up your Stella or Vespa PX scooter. BLING! BLING!


Gas prices sustain record run

Motorist group survey shows average fuel prices at another all-time high; West coast drivers pay the most.March 14, 2008: 6:56 AM EDT

NEW YORK ( -- The nationwide average price of gasoline set another record Friday, according to the closely watched survey conducted for the motorist group AAA.

The average price of regular rose overnight to $3.28 a gallon, according to AAA's Web site. That's more than a cent higher than Thursday's record and was the fourth all-time high hit in as many days.

Our scooters get 65 mpg, 75 mpg, 85 mpg and more! Fill 'er up is $6 vs. $60! Stop by today and join the Philly scooter transportation revolution and laugh at high gas prices!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Genuine Buddy 150cc International Series!

Just in today! Our first two Genuine Buddy 150cc International Series scooters. Here's the Genuine Buddy 150cc Pamplona. A dark shade of red offset very nicely with a rich cafe au lait color seat and grips, whitewall tires and cream lower body panels. Pictures don't do it justice, you have to come by the shop and check them out!

(click on the images for a higher resolution pic)

We also received the Genuine Buddy St. Tropez 150cc scooter. Soothing two-tone blue and blue gray body panels, dark blue seat, gray grips with whitewall tires. Again, you need to see the St. Tropez in person to appreciate the color combo.

Fast and powerful off the line with a full 150cc worth of horsepower. This scoot is fast! LOUD Stebel air horn, you're sure to get their attention. Wider mirrors for full rear view, chrome tipped exhaust and tubeless Maxxis whitewall tires mounted on color matched rims! The Genuine Buddy International series is truly everything you've asked for in a scooter.

Included in this shipment, the 2008 Genuine Buddy 50s, in Red, Seafoam, Light Blue and Tangerine. These colors pop! Once de-restricted, these scoots can reach almost 50 mph! No motorcycle license required in PA.

Spring's right around the corner, so hurry in and get yours today!