Monday, December 31, 2007

Series Italia, Pamplona, Saint Tropez!

Introducing the 2008 Geniuine Buddy International Series! With the introduction of the very popular Series Italia in 2007, the new year brings two International siblings, the "Saint-Tropez" and "Pamplona," AND a 50cc baby sister, the "Little Italia."

If you just can't wait, we still have a Black Buddy 125, and Buddy Series Italia 125 in stock and ready to go! January's the best time for a great deal on a great scoot!


As excited as we are about the return of the GENUINE STELLA (and we are!), it got us looking back at the venerable steel bodied, 4-stroke Bajaj Chetak.

One of the largest 2 wheel manufacturers in the world, reports out of India say Bajaj Auto is looking to return to the scooter market, and has introduced a more efficient Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) 2 stroke engine in its 3-wheelers.

In the meantime, we still have one silver and one misty jade green Bajaj Chetak from the last production run, in stock and ready for delivery. Smooth, quiet 4-stroke engine, buttery 4 speed manual transmission, up to 100 miles per gallon! Get your piece of retro scooter history before they're gone!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

America's Favorite Scooter IS BACK!!!

America's Favorite Scooter IS BACK!!! The Genuine STELLA is back for 2008, available in hot new colors, POWDER BLUE and AVOCADO with Whitewalls, as well as Red, Tangerine and Black.

America's only 4 speed manual transmission, steel bodied, 2-stroke 150cc scooter for 2008!

Philadelphia Scooters will be one of the first few select group of dealers with a small allotment available as early as mid-January!

For more info on the return of the Stella, check out 2Stroke Buzz, and The Scooter Scoop.