Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Genuine Buddy 150cc International Series!

Just in today! Our first two Genuine Buddy 150cc International Series scooters. Here's the Genuine Buddy 150cc Pamplona. A dark shade of red offset very nicely with a rich cafe au lait color seat and grips, whitewall tires and cream lower body panels. Pictures don't do it justice, you have to come by the shop and check them out!

(click on the images for a higher resolution pic)

We also received the Genuine Buddy St. Tropez 150cc scooter. Soothing two-tone blue and blue gray body panels, dark blue seat, gray grips with whitewall tires. Again, you need to see the St. Tropez in person to appreciate the color combo.

Fast and powerful off the line with a full 150cc worth of horsepower. This scoot is fast! LOUD Stebel air horn, you're sure to get their attention. Wider mirrors for full rear view, chrome tipped exhaust and tubeless Maxxis whitewall tires mounted on color matched rims! The Genuine Buddy International series is truly everything you've asked for in a scooter.

Included in this shipment, the 2008 Genuine Buddy 50s, in Red, Seafoam, Light Blue and Tangerine. These colors pop! Once de-restricted, these scoots can reach almost 50 mph! No motorcycle license required in PA.

Spring's right around the corner, so hurry in and get yours today!