Thursday, January 31, 2008

Avocado and Baby Blue Stellas...

Purdy! Great new Avocado Stella (with whitewalls), and a vivid Baby Blue. We also have the ever popular Red, Tangerine and Black. America's favorite scooter, in stock and available now at your favorite scooter shop, Philadelphia Scooters! Welcome back sweetheart!

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Two For Under Two K!

Here are 2 150cc scooters for UNDER $2K!

First, is the Argo AR150-18, brought to you from the fine folks who brought you the venerable Bajaj Chetak! We just had a customer call us today immediately after taking delivery, to tell us how pleased he was with his ARGO!

Arguably one of the best designed retro "clone" scooters, the ARGO stands out for it's unique features including specially compounded high strength polymers for all body panels, hydraulic front AND rear disc brakes, reliable 150cc GY6 Linhai/Yamaha engine, and is completely compliant with all EPA and CARB emission standards and DOT safety requirements. How many no name, drop-shipped internet/Ebay scooters can legitimately make that claim?

Real fast off the line, stops on a dime. Short wheelbase for quick response and nimble handling around town. With all the added features, the ARGO was originally priced at $2695, but it's time to move 'em out, and the price has been drastically reduced to $1899! Plus the Argo still comes with one of the industry's best distributor support and a 2 year parts and labor warranty! We only have two more of these lovelies, one silver as pictured, and one bright Ferrari RED! Get yours before they're gone!

Looking for a more "Sportbike" looking 150cc scooter? Look no further, here's our 2nd 150cc scooter for less than $2K, the KEEWAY ARN150 150cc scooter.

Stealth matte black finish, front hydraulic disc brake, aluminum floorboards, sporty 12" alloy wheels, grippy 12" sport tread tires and a strong GY6 150cc motor. The KEEWAY brand is a well regarded name in Europe, known for affordable and economical scooters. We sold these bad boyz for $2399 this past summer, now clearance priced at $1899. Stop by quick, it's our last one!

Looking for a great deal on Clearance, Brand New Leftover or Used scooters? Click HERE for Philadephia Scooter's "Used" Scooter BLOG!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Old Scooter Advertisements

Just some cool old scooter advertisements and prints found on the internet...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Fresh out of the crate! STELLA'S ARE IN!!! We received our shipment this afternoon, and what a treat it is to have the STELLA'S BACK! Powerful and zippy 150cc 2-stroke engine, 4 speed manual "twist shift" transmission, classic steel body, Grimeca hydaulic front disc brake, Gabriel shocks.

The packaging was extremely protective, and essentially came in a box inside another box. The paint is much deeper and richer and looks to have a clear coat. Halogen headlamps, and Continental Zippy 1's (except for the Avocado with whitewalls in the classic tread pattern). We're excited and proud to again be able to offer America's Favorite Scooter!

The new Avocado is very sharp, yet more mellow and understated than we had anticipated. The powder blue is quite vivid, and begs for chrome accessories and whitewall tires. Black is still the new black, the Tangerine makes your mouth pucker, and nothing says "Scooter" like Red.

Stay tuned for more detailed pictures once we get them fully prepped and ready to roll! Or hurry in an pick up your favorite color before it's gone!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We're expecting our shipment of the NEW STELLA's on Tuesday, January 29! We're getting every color, but a couple are already spoken for...

So...stop by the shop and reserve your favorite color! We're taking deposits. First come, first serve, as we haven't gotten word when the next shipment will arrive.

Click HERE for some eye candy from Scooterville, MN - one of the first shops to get their STELLA's. Originally posted on

Monday, January 07, 2008


We're super excited because Stella's Back! As one of Genuine Scooters' best dealers, we have been allotted a limited number of the first of the Genuine Stellas to return to the US! She's got a new halogen headlight, Continental "Zippy 1" performance tires, and a couple really cool new colors. Avocado Green, Powder Blue along with Black, Tangerine and Red. America's only 2-stroke 150cc, steel bodied, 4 speed manual transmission scooter! Old school cool, tons of fun, miles of smiles!

We've received confirmation that Stella's are ON THE WATER! Hurry in and reserve yours today, WE'RE NOW TAKING DEPOSITS! Make sure you get yours as America's favorite scooter will sure to go fast, so stop by TODAY!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More Genuine Stella Pics...

The Powder Blue! One of Stella's new colors for 2008!

The Avocado! Although it's suppose to have whitewall tires. For you Buddy Series Italia owners, how 'bout a matching pair?

LML badged scoots for the rest of the world.

From, UK's premiere LML supplier, as posted on StellaSpeed.