Saturday, October 24, 2009


A lightweight (only 209 lbs) kick-ass, 4-speed, 125cc 4-stroke engine, unique framed, mono-rear suspension, minimalist motorcycle with big 16" alloy wheels, meaty low profile slicks, and dual disc brakes. The Madass is a blast to ride around town!

Why be burdened with a 600 lbs beast when you can get your rebellious motorcycle thrills on a SACHS MADASS! German engineered for unconventional fun, SACHS has a long and storied history of lightweight two wheelers.

Stop by and check out the all new MADASS! For more pics, click HERE.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

GO PHILLIES! Genuine Buddy Phillies Scooter

Here's our Philadelphia Scooters' Genuine Phillies WORLD SERIES Buddy! GO PHILLIES!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


BACK IN STOCK!! We just got in a shipment of Davida style helmets with the original design features of 1950's low dome racing helmets. Low profile replicas of the first motorcycle racing helmets, popular with both vintage and modern scooterists!

These helmets meet or exceed DOT standards, and at only $65, they're a third of the cost of the genuine British replica. Stop by and get yours today!

KYMCO SUPER 8 - Ready to Roll!

Kymco's all new Sportsbike Scooter, the SUPER 8. Big 14" wheels, powerful 150cc 4-stroke engine, front disc brake and the look of a SUPER sportsbike. Fun and style on wheels, the bigger wheels make this nimble scoot a blast to ride! Stop by, in stock and ready to roll!