Friday, June 29, 2012

Philadelphia Scooters will be closed on Saturday, June 29 to attend 

Friday, November 18, 2011


With the holiday season upon us, what better way to celebrate than with a Genuine Scooter that is fully dressed for the holidays! Buy a "pre-2012" year model Genuine Scooter from any participating dealer between NOW and December 31, 2011 and you will receive a FREE bolt-on accessory package* (click on the banner above for details). Hurry in, while supplies last!!!



The Downtown 300i was designed and built for it! With the open road performance of a maxi scooter and sport bike agility, the Downtown 300i delivers the ultimate scooter riding experience. This new entry in the KYMCO Scooter family is powered by an all new 4-valve Electronic Fuel Injected engine coupled to an agile, responsive, light weight dual cradle steel chassis.

FANTASTIC highway machine, yet nimble enough to ride around town. All the power you need without the heft and shifting. IN STOCK NOW!!! COME & GET IT!!!

KYMCO PEOPLE GT300i - In Stock, Ready To Roll!!!

You'll only need to ride it once to appreciate the performance, style and balance of all new People GT from KYMCO. It's distinctive contemporary design, impressive ergonomic comfort and modern technology gives the People GT instant rider appeal.

Large 16" tires, Telescopic front fork and adjustable rear shocks smooth out the ride whether navigating down town city traffic and cruising through the back roads on your way home. Powered by an all new 4-valve Electronic Fuel Injected engine, plenty of under-seat storage, 12 volt accessory plug and a top case as standard equipment the New KYMCO People GT is the complete package!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


WOW! The new GENUINE BUDDY 170i scooter is a fuel-injected retro ROCKET! Smooth robust acceleration, excellent ride and handling, the Buddy 170i just kicked it up a notch! We have all 3 colors IN STOCK!!! Come on in and check out what all the buzz is about!

Friday, April 08, 2011


Hurry in now for a fun, economical, gas sipping scooter!!! We still have great deals on a few remaining BRAND NEW leftover scooters.

Gas prices are at their highest level since September 2008! Click HERE for the story.


You can't get one here in the USA, but you CAN get a GENUINE STELLA, 2-stroke and 4-stroke!!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011


We just made a SPECIAL PURCHASE of BRAND NEW Kymco People 150 scooters. SAVE HUNDREDS!!! Just in time for $4.00 a gallon gas, the Kymco People 150 is a Consumer Reports BEST BUY! Hurry, we have 2 Cream and Black, 1 Silver and 1 Green and White People 150 left.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Gas Prices Rise to Highest Level Since 2008. Possible $5 Gallon by 2012!

Gas prices are going UP, UP, UP! Numerous news sources are reporting oil and gas prices are at their highest level since 2008! Ex-Shell Oil boss predicts gasoline prices may rise to $5 a gallon by 2012 according to CNN Money and USA Today.

NOW is the time to take advantage of the cold weather and get your gas saving Genuine or Kymco scooter while they're offering generous payment options and free accessories worth up to $600 (see previous blog post). Hurry in, as most scooter dealers and distributors ran out of scooters in 2008!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Purchase any in stock Genuine Buddy, Rough House, and Stella from now until January 31, 2011 and receive up to $600 of a way cool and very functional accessory package! The accessory package includes Chrome goodness, windscreen and even a lock! Accessories vary with each Genuine scooter model. (Click on the pic above for full details.) Hurry in!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Some of the best riding of the year is now! The weather is cooler and wearing all your gear keeps you warm, cozy and safe. A full face helmet definitely keeps you warm in the cool fall air. We are fully stocked with Corazzo Jackets, warm gloves and of course, full face helmets. Watch out for those slippery leaves on the road!

Cooler air is more dense, so it requires you to warm up your scooter a bit longer than in the summer. You should always let your scoot warm up a good 3-5 minutes the first time you ride the scooter in the morning. If you've let the scooter warm up properly, but still feel your scoot is not running quite right, please give us a call or come on down to the shop. A minor carburetor adjustment for the cooler weather may be all you need!

Friday, October 29, 2010


The best handling sport scooter is back with an upgraded 220cc FUEL INJECTED engine for more powerful performance and higher top speed! Check out the new BLUR, click HERE.

Check out the video introducing the NEW BLUR 220i, click HERE.

We have both white and charcoal IN STOCK and ready to roll!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Scooter Cookies!!!

Here's one of our favorite scooterist, Jennifer and her custom Kymco Sento Scooter Cookie! Modeled after her own scooter, the cookies were not only a great artistic rendition, but also DELICIOUS!!! Thanks Jennifer!

Jennifer's cupcakes she made at Whipped Bakeshop where she bakes, have also been featured in the preeminent cupcake blog, Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just got word from Genuine Scooters that the new Stella is scheduled to arrive in April, but initial supply will be limited!!! New colors in the first shipment include Avocado, Slate Blue, Dijon Yellow, Cream and Red.

Be one of the first on the East Coast with the new environmentally friendly, 140 mpg, quieter, cleaner 4-stroke Stellas!

Word is California dealers and riders who have been itchin' for a Stella are swamping Genuine with orders, so hurry in and put down a deposit TODAY to reserve your favorite color!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jay Leno is our BUDDY!

Jay Leno is our Buddy. He's your Buddy too. Click on the pic above to check out the Jay Leno's Garage episode featuring the Buddy Black Jack!!!

Viva La Vita Baby!! The Hammerhead La Vita.

Here are some pics of the Hammerhead La Vita, based on the iconic Italian VBB! Initial, brief ride impressions are positive.

The single seat/buddy seat combo gives the La Vita a similar seating position to the original VBB, with a higher seat, bent knees and low handlebar height. Smooth acceleration from the electronic fuel injection, good stopping power from the dual disc brakes, familiar, modern GY6 4 stroke engine sound. You look cool in the reflection of the storefront window as you pull up to park.

Stay tuned for a full review once we put a few more miles on it.

For more pics of the new La Vita, click HERE.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Philadelphia Scooters is now a URAL DEALER!!!

Philadelphia Scooters will now be servicing and selling URAL Motorcycles and Sidecars. Let our experienced URAL mechanic service your motorcycle.

Interested in purchasing a URAL? Now taking orders for all URAL Motorcycles and Sidecars.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just got in the brand new 2010 KYMCO LIKE 50. Large 12" wheels, mondo-storage, excellent Kymco fit and finish. Larger scooter with plenty of room for your partner! Pack a lunch in the INCLUDED color matched top case! Best of all, the KYMCO LIKE 50 comes with the tried and trued, quick and powerful PEOPLE 50 2-stroke engine for plenty of zip around town!

Stop by right away for excellent payment plans, including zero down, zero interest for over 6 months!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


A lightweight (only 209 lbs) kick-ass, 4-speed, 125cc 4-stroke engine, unique framed, mono-rear suspension, minimalist motorcycle with big 16" alloy wheels, meaty low profile slicks, and dual disc brakes. The Madass is a blast to ride around town!

Why be burdened with a 600 lbs beast when you can get your rebellious motorcycle thrills on a SACHS MADASS! German engineered for unconventional fun, SACHS has a long and storied history of lightweight two wheelers.

Stop by and check out the all new MADASS! For more pics, click HERE.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

GO PHILLIES! Genuine Buddy Phillies Scooter

Here's our Philadelphia Scooters' Genuine Phillies WORLD SERIES Buddy! GO PHILLIES!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


BACK IN STOCK!! We just got in a shipment of Davida style helmets with the original design features of 1950's low dome racing helmets. Low profile replicas of the first motorcycle racing helmets, popular with both vintage and modern scooterists!

These helmets meet or exceed DOT standards, and at only $65, they're a third of the cost of the genuine British replica. Stop by and get yours today!

KYMCO SUPER 8 - Ready to Roll!

Kymco's all new Sportsbike Scooter, the SUPER 8. Big 14" wheels, powerful 150cc 4-stroke engine, front disc brake and the look of a SUPER sportsbike. Fun and style on wheels, the bigger wheels make this nimble scoot a blast to ride! Stop by, in stock and ready to roll!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Philadelphia Scooter Parking!

Note: Our understanding is that on streets where there is no dedicated scooter parking, the "unofficial" scooter parking policy remains (park next to a building or on a bicycle "U" rack.

On-Street Parking Reserved For Motorcycles, Scooters

by KYW's Mike Dunn

The Philadelphia Parking Authority this week launches a new type of on-street parking: 60 spaces in center city are being set aside for motorcycles or scooters.

For the rest of the article, click here.

Dickson stresses that this is a six-month pilot program which could be expanded:
"Once we see how this works, we'll replicate it in other areas of center city."
The following list of locations of the motorcycle/scooter spaces was supplied by the parking authority.

Some of the installations are not yet complete:

1700 Sansom Street
1800 Sansom Street
1500 Chestnut Street
1700 Chestnut Street
1900 Chestnut Street
1700 Market Street
1900 Market Street
1600 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
200 South 17th Street
1600 Chancellor Street
1700 Locust Street
1900 Walnut Street

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marvelous Marvin!!!

Here's our newest customer Marvelous Marvin with his brand new Genuine Buddy 150 Saint Tropez with the rear rack, side protectors and matching top case.

Marvelous Marvin used to ride in the Steel Globe of Death for the Barnum & Bailey Circus over 60 years ago! Now at a sprite 84 years young, Marvin hadn't ridden a motorcycle or scooter for half a decade.

A few simple instructions and Marvin was flying around the parking lot like a pro! Easy to ride, great on gas, a breeze to park, stop by and get your Genuine Buddy today!

Great financing deals still available!

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Philadelphia Scooters will be closed on Friday July 3, and re-open on Tuesday July 7. Come check out the 9th annual Philadelphia Independence Day Scooter Rally!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

$0 Money Down / $0 Payments / 0% Interest!

Choose 9 months same as cash, or 4.9% financing for 24 months on all GENUINE SCOOTERS!!! Click on the banner above or stop by the shop for all details!

And don't forget, as part of the Economic Stimulus Package, you can deduct your sales tax on all scooters purchased this year!


Stop by the Equality Forum booth at Penn's Landing during the Annual Gay Pride Festival on Sunday, June 14, noon to 6pm. Raffle tickets are $5, 3 for $10 and 7 for $20 for your chance to WIN A GENUINE BUDDY 50 SCOOTER!


Oil rises to new high for 2009!

Oil rises to new high for 2009

NEW YORK - Oil prices on Thursday set a new high for the year, buoyed by a weaker dollar, the first drop in unemployment numbers since January, and renewed expectations that crude will extend its rally this year. For the rest of the story, click HERE.

Here we go again! Big difference is this year we have a large selection of our best selling scooters from Genuine, Kymco and SYM! Plus, there are special financing deals from Genuine and Kymco! PLUS, PLUS, FREE ACCESSORIES with select SYM or KYMCO scooter purchase.

So hurry in for all the details before we run out of scooters again!

Friday, May 15, 2009


(click on the image above for a larger pic)

Hurry in, they're going fast! Our initial shipment of SYM SYMBAS are in! Stop by the shop to check out the most popular motorcycle in the WORLD!

SYM manufactured Honda scooters and motorcycle for many years, and the SYMBA is the SYM model of the Honda Cub, or Passport as known in the US.