Monday, January 29, 2007

You and Your Scooter - MSF Riding Tips

One of the newest of many highly recommended downloads available at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation web site.

Covers basic riding and safety tips for your scooter. One of the best investments (FREE for PA residents), the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program opens soon! The course teaches riders the basics of safe motorcycle operation, and students receive their motorcycle endorsement upon successful completion of the course!

All riders should look into taking one of these courses, as all scooters over 49cc require a valid motorcycle license or permit to operate legally. The course is also recommended for riders of 49cc scooters even though they can be legally driven in PA with a "C" class or Car Driver's license.

Thanks to 2strokebuzz for the post.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Be Like Jeff!

Jeff Schultz pulls plug on excess
By Joanna Richards
The Courier-Journal

"At one point I was going to lease a BMW to try to meet women," he confessed. Now Schultz speaks with pride of his fuel-efficient transport: a Kymco People 250 scooter that gets 65 miles per gallon of gas and an aging Volkswagen Jetta, for rainy days, that goes 48 miles on a gallon of diesel. "It's a totally different way of thinking."

Schultz's new perspective on what he drives isn't because he's now married and no longer on the prowl for a date. "The big reasons why I've switched to fuel-efficient transportation are global warming and oil," he said. "You don't want to base your lifestyle on excessive use of a finite resource."

"I think scooters are going to be one of the things that are going to contribute" to a more sustainable and peaceful society, he said. And "it's fun, you're out in the air, you feel more freedom and you know you're helping the environment and setting an example.

"Everybody blames the oil companies and complains about gas prices. … People need to vote more with their wallets.

"I'm just trying to be the kind of change I want to see in the world and that I think we need to have."

For the complete article, click here.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Introducing SYM SCOOTERS!!!

Taiwan's largest scooter manufacturer, SYM scooters are finally in the USA! Once a Honda joint venture (like Kymco), SYM scooters are top quality scooters, competing against the best Taiwan, Japanese and Italian scooters.

The SYM Jet Euro X is a custom version of the venerable SYM Jet which has a huge European fan base, and are often kitted and raced.

The SYM Fiddle is a clean, retro looking 49cc scooter along the lines of the Honda Joker or Aprilia Mojito/Habana scooters. Be like Jaime Oliver. What ever happened to him anyway?

SYM also has the premium 49cc sport scooter RS50, the HD200, a 200cc class 4 valve, large wheeled scooter. Spring 2007 we'll see the 49cc and 100cc 4 stroke SYM Mio and 250cc SYM GTS !

With strong support from Carter Brothers as distributor, the SYM is priced competively with Kymco, has a 2 year limited warranty, and costs hundreds to thousands less than a similar Vespa.

Stop by the shop and check 'em out next week!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007- Year of the Scooter!

2007 Year of the Scooter!

What's new for 2007? Manufacturers have started to show new 2007 models and we've placed pre-orders for several special edition scoots. With more and more manufacturers entering the US, we've expanded our line, but remain committed to only carrying quality scooters with strong parts and distributor support. Here are some of our favorite 2007 models...


The "Series Italia". Following Genuine Scooters' successful special edition Stella's, the "Series Italia" is a limited production Buddy 125 (expected early February). Fondly dubbed America's new Smallframe, the Buddy 125's easy to ride handling characeristics and excellent power to weight/size ratio makes it one of the shop's favorite scooters for 2007.

The Genuine Rattler will be coming in a 110cc 2-stroke for 2007. The utlimate Hooligan/Streetfighter scooter, the instant punch of the 110cc 2-stroke engine makes the Rattler our pick for "Hot Rod" scooter of 2007!

* Rumors abound about the re-start of the LML plant (that manufactures the Stella). We're keeping our fingers crossed, but news stories and press releases provide few details.


Kymco is bringing back our favorite 49cc scooter, the retro looking People 50. Our best selling scoot over the years, the People 50 was sorely missed in 2006. Big 16" wheels for a smooth, stable ride, and a strong 2 stroke engine made the People 50 one of the fastest 49cc scoots on the market. Our "Comeback" scooter of 2007! Expected February(?).

The Super 9, another Kymco scoot on hiatus for 2006, returns in '07 with a cleaner burning air-cooled 2 stroke engine, and bold color changes.

TGB (Taiwan Golden Bee)

The TGB Key West comes with fat, knobby 10" tires to handle potholes and bumps in urban settings, and can handle hard-pack dirt or campground trails. Almost identical to the Yamaha BWS, or Zuma, the TGB keeps the peppy 2-stroke 49cc EPA approved engine for 2007. Priced a few hundred less than the Zuma (if you can still find one), the TGB Key West gets our nod as "Best Zuma-like" scooter.

The hot looking TGB R50X, our "Looks most like a Sport Bike" scooter for 2007. We're having a blast kitting 49cc scoot with 70cc kits, exhausts and transmission go fast bits. Make your scoot scream!


Instant Classic! The Bajaj Chetak, our pick for best "Manual Transmission, Steel Bodied" scooter for 2007 (even though they're 2006 models). Get yours before they're gone!

2007 Scooter of the Year!
Drum roll please...

Quality, affordable, nimble, quick, fuel efficient, fun, words all describing our pick for 2007 scooter of the year. The perfect Urban Commuter Scooter! Available in both 49cc and 125cc, the entry level Kymco Agility comes with an affortable price tag, 2 year warranty, a smooth, quiet, reliable 4 stroke engine, and gets up to 90+ mpg! Best value in the industry, with available financing, the Kymco Agility is truly the scooter for everyman/woman.

2007 Scooter of the Year
The Kymco Agility
Revolutionizing transportation in Philly!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Scooter Skirts IN STOCK!!!

Scooter Skirts are IN STOCK! Stay toasty and warm this winter on your scoot. These "skirts" are made with a GORE-TEX all weather resistant outershell, with a warm, comfy quilted lining.

Perfect for you all-weather, year-round scooter riders.