Thursday, October 26, 2006


Fun Suzuki scooter commercial from Japan!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Best wishes for a speedy recovery POC Renae!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to POC Renae after her scooter accident. Here's Phil Waters' post on the ScooterBBS.

Accidents are exactly that, no matter how skilled or experienced a rider is. Scoot safe, Gear up, Be prepared!

Get well soon Renae!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cooool Weather Scootering Gear!

Don't let a little chill in the air stop you from scootering! We just got in a shipment of high quality Tour Master gloves in all sizes. Perfect for those nippy morning commutes! Stop by the shop and pick up your pair today.

Cold-Tex Glove
• A waterproof and breathable liner keeps your hands dry without perspiration build-up
• Velcro gauntlet closure keeps the elements out
• Pre-curved palm and fingers provide form-fitting comfort
• 3M Scotchlite™ reflective piping and Tour Master logo help increase nighttime visibility
• Heavy-duty nylon construction
• Waterproof leather palm and thumb
• Elasticized wrist band provides a secure fit
• Fully insulated for optimum warmth
• Available colors: Black

Winter Elite Glove
• Grade A, water resistant goat skin and sheep skin leather provides comfort and durability
• Thinsulate® Liteloft® insulation from 3M for warmth and flexibility
• A waterproof and breathable barrier by HiPora®
• Pre-curved palm and fingers match the shape of grips to ease hand fatigue
• Soft, Bemberg interior lining
• Velcro® wrist adjustments with TPR pull for easy operation
• Forehand, knuckle and finger expansion panels for added flexibility
• Thumb mounted shield wipe
• Built-in nylon polar cover stores in zippered pocket when not in use
• Available colors: Black
Check out the review of the Winter Elite Glove:
Rider Magazine, March 2006
Backroads Magazine, Feb 2006

And don't forget, Philadelphia Scooters is now a GIVIUSA windshield, top case and scooter luggage Authorized Dealer!

So get your cool weather gear and stay warm and toasty this fall/winter!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

REVOLUTION III - World War III Scooter Rally!!! Philadelphia, PA Nov 3-6, 2006

Rabble Rouser Scooter Club in Philadelphia, USA presents Revolution III: World War III scooter rally , November 3-5, 2006. Mark your calendars. Only 2 more weeks! Click on the logo above for more info about the rally! See 'ya on the rides!

Scooter are just zipping along

(gratuitous pic of the shop...)

Excerpt from the Philadelphia Inquirer, October 15, 2006.

Scooter are just zipping along

By Art Carey
Inquirer Staff Writer

...More and more Americans, tired of sharing their paychecks with Exxon and dealing with ricocheting oil prices, are adopting scooters as economical "second cars," or as a practical vehicle to tool around the city.

"Scooters are the fastest-growing segment in the two-wheel industry," said Mike Mount, a spokesman for the Motorcycle Industry Council.

Designed by an Italian aeronautical engineer, the first scooter was built in 1946 (the jaunty vehicles celebrate their 60th birthday this year). When Enrico Piaggio, head of the firm that made it, saw the prototype, he exclaimed, "Sembra una vespa!" ("It looks like a wasp!")

Newer scooters are far more ecologically sound than their forebears. They must meet stringent federal standards, and two-stroke models fueled by a gas/oil mixture are equipped with catalytic converters.

"The piston in a 50cc scooter is about the size of a shot glass," says Rachael Theobald, parts manager at Philadelphia Scooters in South Philly. "Scooter engines are so small they're already environmentally kind, especially compared to a four-cylinder car."

Today's scooters don't guzzle gas, they sip; depending on engine size, scooters can travel from 40 to more than 100 miles on a gallon of gas.

Being out in the open means exposure to the elements; most scooterists take this in stride.

"I plan on riding as long as the roads are clear and it's not bitter cold," said (Barbara) Nickle. "With the right helmet, good gloves, and a windbreaker jacket, it doesn't bother me."

Tedford Juachon, shop manager at Philadelphia Scooters, said his customers range from indie rockers to retirees, from purple-haired couriers to bow-tie-wearing lawyers.

Alicia Karr says it's a boon not only for the planet, but the psyche.

"On a scooter, I can actually smell the air. I see everything in detail," she said. There's nothing between you and everything, which is sort of a Buddhist concept when you think about it. It's very exhilarating."

For the full article, click here.

Great article Art! Except in PA, a "C" class or car driver's license is all that's required to operate a 49cc automatic scooter. PA Motor Scooter Fact Sheet.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kymco People 150 - The BEST 150cc Scooter!

So many scooters, so little time to ride. It's been such a crazy summer with gas hitting $3 a gallon, we've barely had time to scoot ourselves!

Just came back from a nice joy ride on a Wineberry People 150 on this beautiful autumn day. With all the new models coming to market this season, we've almost forgotten what an excellent scooter and invigorating ride the People 150 is! Like an old best friend, the People 150 never lets you down.

Instant acceleration, fast and stable at speed, big 16" motorcycle like wheels to really carve those turns, the Kymco People 150 has to be one of the best 150cc scooters EVER! It just puts a smile on your face and leaves you wanting to scoot all day!

Bullet-proof reliable and trouble free, we've had only a couple easy warranty fixes in the 4 plus years we've been selling 'em. Fantastic!

We've got the full array of People 150 colors - Silver, White and Wineberry in stock. Come and get 'em and enjoy the scenic Philadephia fall foliage rides!

Thanks and Farewell Vespa Philadelphia...

Sorry to see our friends at Vespa Philadelphia closing it's doors. It's a tough business, and you had a great run. Thanks to the guys and gals that worked at Vespa Philadelphia, and played a major role in making Philly the scootering city it is today!

Philadelphia Scooters now has 3 Vespa trained techs to help service all you Philly scooterists. Stop by and say hello, and keep these guys busy!

Congrats to Cannonball Earl!

Congrats to Cannonballer Earl Erickson for a successful Cannonball 2006 run! So after 30,000+ km on his '02 Bet & Win 250, and nearing the end of his cross country run, the stator on Earl's scoot finally gave out somewhere before Cleveland. Ever resourceful, Earl carried a couple extra batteries and finished the Cannonball run. Earl then scooted down to Philadelphia Scooters to share stories of his epic journey and have his stator replaced, and get his scooter ready for the ride back to Denver!

Great to see 'ya Earl, and keep on scootin'!!!

BTW, the winner of the 2006 Cannonball Run finished on a Kymco People 250.

Pic courtesty of Bagel and

Kymco Agility 125 Review

Quick, nimble and AGILE, Kymco's entry level Agility 125 is a fast, powerful scooter perfect for urban commuting. With a slim profile and short wheelbase, the Agility slips through the narrow gaps in tight city traffic.

Brisk acceleration with a top speed over 60mph, the Agility is a blast up Kelly drive! Large underseat storage for grocery runs and meaty 12" wheels and tires perfect for Philly streets. Clean burning, fuel efficient 4 stroke engine, expect over 70 mpg - perfect when gas prices go up again after the elections...

Great package, fun to ride, Kymco's "basic" scooter is a hoot! Stop by and get yours today.

Well designed, 60 mph scooter, 2 year warranty, Kymco's excellent support and parts availability, all for just $2199! We have Silver and Blue Agility 125 available for delivery. We service what we sell.

Also back in stock is the best selling Kymco Agility 50, available in Silver, Blue and Red. And remember, in PA, a "C" class (car) driver's license is all that's required to ride a 49cc automatic scooter.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Genuine Buddy Accessories - IN STOCK!

So, after a "2 week" wait, we have Genuine Buddy Accessories IN STOCK! Cool front folding rack in chrome, Genuine windscreen for the cooler weather, black rear rack to mount your color coordinated rear top case! Stop by the shop and accessorize your Buddy!


Products you buy online may be illegal in the United States. That's the warning from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Motorcycles and scooters are illegally being imported to the U.S. They are sold online at websites like E-Bay and through private dealers. The vehicles do not meet environmental standards and cannot be registered in the State of Texas.

A number of people have already been turned away from registration at the Lubbock County Tax Office. "Without people actually seeing the vehicle for themselves, there's no way to know it has appropriate labels indicating they do not pass EPA and DOT," said Bobby Meeks, TXDOT Regional Manager.

Bobby Meeks says legal vehicles do have labels indicating they pass EPA standards. From KCBD News Channel 11, Lubock Texas.

Originally posted on

*Note: Same holds true for Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Caveat Emptor!

And again, why we don't sell "Internet" scooters from China...

Overheating? Bad metallurgy? Manufacturing defect? All we know is the exhaust valve broke, causing what you see above.