Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Coming Soon...." to Philadelphia Scooters

A roundup of scooters "Coming Soon..." to Philadelphia Scooters! When we're not at the shop, working on scooters or riding scooters, in our spare time we're searching the internet for all things scooter related.

One of our favorite sites for excellent scooter industry coverage and scooter reviews is Dave Harrington's, which also includes Podcasts with scooter dealers and manufacturers.

As you know, Genuine Scooters has just re-introduced America's favorite scooter, the Genuine Stella in all her 2-stroke glory. (We still have a few left, so hurry in before they're gone!). On the latest edition of JustGottaScoot's Podcast with Phil McCaleb of Genuine Scooters, Phil hints at an automatic twist 'n go Stella Scooter!

Genuine's manufacturing partner, LML was once a joint venture partner with Piaggio, and has the tooling and rights to build the steel bodied LML "Clipper" or what was known as the ET4 . Is this the steel-bodied Stella twist 'n go scooter for 2009? Let the speculation begin...

2009 Automatic Stella?

We're also anxiously awaiting our shipment of the Genuine Roughhouse R50 scooter. Similar to the "Black Cat" with more subtle colors and graphics, we've found this 49cc dual-sport scoot rock solid, and really, really, really fast!!! Pops off the line, and we've buried the speedo on the Black Cat! Can't wait to get on a Roughhouse!

2008 Genuine Roughhouse R50

Over at SYM, dealers have gotten word to expect the retro styled SYM Vogue 50 and 125 sometime in the summer of 2008. We've been very pleased with the SYM quality and reliablity, but the modern styling of many of their current scoots appeals more to the European and Asian markets. With the right colors, smart marketing and anticipated lower price point, the retro looking SYM Vogue is set to compete well in the classic styled scooter market. (Photo courtesy of and SYM).

2008 Sym Vogue
(and we kinda like these colors)

At the 2008 Indy Dealer Expo, SYM USA also showcased the "Wow Wow", a virtual twin to the most popular motorcycle in the world, the Honda Cub or Passport (CT70?). In the pics it looks like there's no clutch lever, so it may be an automatic or at least a clutchless shifter scoot. We'd love to see the "Wow Wow" on our showroom floor!