Saturday, March 31, 2007

The LONG RIDE to WKRP Cincinnati Rally 2007

The boys right before heading out to the WKRP "Scum of the Earth" 2007 Cincinnati Scooter Rally. The 4 Kymcos on the ride include an XCiting 500, XCiting 250, People 250S, People 250. There's also a Burgman 400 and Vespa GTS 250 with the group. PA Turnpike, to US70, thru Columbus, OH then on to Cincinnati. Enjoy the ride and rally guys, and as always, Scoot safe!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why we don't sell cheap Chinese JUNK!

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Scooters manufactured in China will get better. The problem is there are too many fly by night manufacturers in China teeming up with unlicensed Ebay drop shippers. Selling only on price, there is absolutely NO concern for quality or SAFETY! We feel many of these cheap scooters are not safe to operate, and many cannot be legally registered in your state.

Do your research, check out your local scooter shop. Make an informed decision, buy a reliable scooter and enjoy the convenience and practicality of a true scooter lifestyle.

Go to your Happy Place.

SPRING IS COMING!!! Shot a couple years ago, but still a great commercial to get you motivated to go out and ride!

Commercial features some of our New York as well as Philadelphia scooter friends.


We got a little bonus with our Kymco scooter delivery!

The poor little guy must have gotten into the truck somehow, and may have made the trek from Kymco's Arkansas warehouse!

A friend took it to the Schukyll Wildlife Refuge, where they it will be released into the wild.

Never a dull moment at Philadelphia Scooters!