Sunday, March 23, 2008

Genuine Buddy 150cc International Series SHIPMENT THIS WEEK!

We're expecting our next shipment of 150cc Genuine Buddy International Series St. Tropez and Pamplona THIS WEEK! They're in short supply, and dealers are selling out quickly. Luckily we put in our pre-order and are receiving 1 Genuine Buddy St. Tropez, 2 Genuine Buddy Pamplonas, and a 49cc Little Italia! (49cc scooters only require a car driver license to operate in PA).

We had our last St. Tropez and Pamplona on the showroom floor for less than 3 days! So stop by and put down a deposit to make sure you get yours, just in time for warmer rider weather!

We also just traded another dealer for a 125cc Series Italia, in stock and ready to go!