Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kymco Agility 50 Ride Impressions and Review!

Now that we've had the Agility 50 for awhile, we're seeing customer scoots in for first routine service with 300-500 km on the odometer. The biggest impression is how much quicker they've become after the initial break-in period!

We've been pleased with Agility 50's get up and go. If the 4-stroke engine weren't so smooth and quiet, you might think the quick acceleration was from a 2-stroke, which are known for quickness off the line.

To get maximum performance from the Agility 50, the transmission and CDI need to be de-restricted, and the carbureator re-jetted.

Nimble and easy to manuever in city traffic, the narrow Agility slips you through those tight spots, and makes parking a breeze. Meaty 12" wheels and road use tires work well on city streets. Ample storage and seating for two. Works great for Center City. You'll be looking for reasons to run errands around town!

Now the plastics aren't the same as the People 50, and I'm not fond of the Ski Jump rear fender, but we've had no real problems with the Agility 50s or 125s so far, except a broken seat latch (covered under warranty).

A Red Agility would look great under the tree!
Best value in scooters! Kymco quality, backed by a 2 year limited parts and labor warranty. An Agility 50, lock, helmet and scooter cover all for less than $2k! Price does not include taxes, registration, licensing fees.