Friday, January 12, 2007

Introducing SYM SCOOTERS!!!

Taiwan's largest scooter manufacturer, SYM scooters are finally in the USA! Once a Honda joint venture (like Kymco), SYM scooters are top quality scooters, competing against the best Taiwan, Japanese and Italian scooters.

The SYM Jet Euro X is a custom version of the venerable SYM Jet which has a huge European fan base, and are often kitted and raced.

The SYM Fiddle is a clean, retro looking 49cc scooter along the lines of the Honda Joker or Aprilia Mojito/Habana scooters. Be like Jaime Oliver. What ever happened to him anyway?

SYM also has the premium 49cc sport scooter RS50, the HD200, a 200cc class 4 valve, large wheeled scooter. Spring 2007 we'll see the 49cc and 100cc 4 stroke SYM Mio and 250cc SYM GTS !

With strong support from Carter Brothers as distributor, the SYM is priced competively with Kymco, has a 2 year limited warranty, and costs hundreds to thousands less than a similar Vespa.

Stop by the shop and check 'em out next week!