Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Fresh out of the crate! STELLA'S ARE IN!!! We received our shipment this afternoon, and what a treat it is to have the STELLA'S BACK! Powerful and zippy 150cc 2-stroke engine, 4 speed manual "twist shift" transmission, classic steel body, Grimeca hydaulic front disc brake, Gabriel shocks.

The packaging was extremely protective, and essentially came in a box inside another box. The paint is much deeper and richer and looks to have a clear coat. Halogen headlamps, and Continental Zippy 1's (except for the Avocado with whitewalls in the classic tread pattern). We're excited and proud to again be able to offer America's Favorite Scooter!

The new Avocado is very sharp, yet more mellow and understated than we had anticipated. The powder blue is quite vivid, and begs for chrome accessories and whitewall tires. Black is still the new black, the Tangerine makes your mouth pucker, and nothing says "Scooter" like Red.

Stay tuned for more detailed pictures once we get them fully prepped and ready to roll! Or hurry in an pick up your favorite color before it's gone!