Thursday, October 05, 2006


Products you buy online may be illegal in the United States. That's the warning from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Motorcycles and scooters are illegally being imported to the U.S. They are sold online at websites like E-Bay and through private dealers. The vehicles do not meet environmental standards and cannot be registered in the State of Texas.

A number of people have already been turned away from registration at the Lubbock County Tax Office. "Without people actually seeing the vehicle for themselves, there's no way to know it has appropriate labels indicating they do not pass EPA and DOT," said Bobby Meeks, TXDOT Regional Manager.

Bobby Meeks says legal vehicles do have labels indicating they pass EPA standards. From KCBD News Channel 11, Lubock Texas.

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*Note: Same holds true for Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Caveat Emptor!

And again, why we don't sell "Internet" scooters from China...

Overheating? Bad metallurgy? Manufacturing defect? All we know is the exhaust valve broke, causing what you see above.