Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Philadelphia Scooter Parking!

Note: Our understanding is that on streets where there is no dedicated scooter parking, the "unofficial" scooter parking policy remains (park next to a building or on a bicycle "U" rack.

On-Street Parking Reserved For Motorcycles, Scooters

by KYW's Mike Dunn

The Philadelphia Parking Authority this week launches a new type of on-street parking: 60 spaces in center city are being set aside for motorcycles or scooters.

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Dickson stresses that this is a six-month pilot program which could be expanded:
"Once we see how this works, we'll replicate it in other areas of center city."
The following list of locations of the motorcycle/scooter spaces was supplied by the parking authority.

Some of the installations are not yet complete:

1700 Sansom Street
1800 Sansom Street
1500 Chestnut Street
1700 Chestnut Street
1900 Chestnut Street
1700 Market Street
1900 Market Street
1600 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
200 South 17th Street
1600 Chancellor Street
1700 Locust Street
1900 Walnut Street