Saturday, October 11, 2008

2009 Genuine Rough House 50 BLACK!

Rough and rugged, the Genuine Rough House 50 in bold BLACK is in stock and ready to rumble! FAT, MEATY dual purpose tires are ready to take on the mean streets of Philly. Potholes, no problem, trolley tracks, no problem, hard packed dirt roads, no problem. The Rough House is the ultimate urban assault scooter!

Bright dual halogen headlight, LED rear tail light and a LOUD stebel horn all make for a scooter that will be seen and heard around the streets of Philly!

A deep underseat storage bucket, included standard rear rack and underseat hook for your bags make for a scooter ready equipped to carry your gear to work, class or to the market!

With a de-restricted speed of up to 50 mph, the Genuine Rough House 50 is one of the fastest, most reliable, and most fun city scooters available. No motorcycle license needed in PA! And don't forget to charge your cell phone while riding by pluggin' in your charger to the handy 12v socket and cell phone holder under the handlebars.

With gas mileage up to 75 miles per gallon, don't wait, be ready when gas prices soar again! Stop by Philadelphia Scooters and get your Rough House, ready to go! We only have 2 black Rough Houses available, as well as a blue and olive green. Hurry before they're gone!