Saturday, September 13, 2008

SYM MIO 50 REVIEW - Packed full of features!

The Sym Mio 50 is the ultimate small, 4-stroke urban scooter packed full of features. With a lineage to Honda, the SYM Mio has similar styling cues as the Honda Metropolitan in both looks and size.

However, the SYM Mio is packed full of extra conveniences not found on the Honda. The Sym Mio is also quite a bit quicker than the Honda Metropolitans we've serviced and ridden.

Honda Metropolitan

The multi-function key and ignition switch of the Sym Mio has a safety feature that slides a cover over the ignition to prevent theft attempts with a screwdriver or other objects.

The key ignition switch also opens the neat gas cap that you'll never drop or fumble with, as it's spring loaded and permanently ATTACHED to the scooter!

As the Honda Metropolitan is designed for one person, the Sym Mio is a sturdier scooter designed for two-up riding, with trick fold-out passenger footpegs.

If you're riding your Sym Mio on errands, like mailing letters and packages in the mailbox on the corner, there's no need to turn off your Mio to remove the key and open the seat! Check out the neat "Seat Open" button on the left handlebar control, that only works when the scooter is on.

The controls feel solid, but a "push to cancel" turn signal would be a welcome addition, and standard on other quality scooters.

The Sym Mio also features an elegant, easy to read and easy to understand speedo and fuel gauge. (Note: the speedo reads in MPH! not in Km/H).

Clearly the Sym Mio is a well thought out scooter loaded with features that every scooterist can appreciate. Of course, what really makes the Sym Mio stand out is the ride!

THE RIDE. Smooth, stable and FAST! Did we say fast? Yes. We usually recommend 2 stroke scooters in the 49cc class (no "M" motorcycle license required in PA) for the quick acceleration and higher top speed when compared to 4-stroke 49cc scooters.

However, the Sym Mio is quite peppy off the line, and gets up to speed in a hurry. Not quite as fast as the Genuine Buddy 50, but certainly quick enough to negotiate Center City driving.

Addressing the weakness (slowness) of the Honda Metropolitan, the Sym Mio is definitely one of the quickest 49cc 4-stroke scooters on the market. The Sym Mio also features a hydraulic front disc brake vs. the Honda Metropolitan's drum brake.

Gas Mileage? We expect the Sym Mio to get around 80mpg+ in city driving (the website rates the Mio at 152.9 miles per gallon at 25mph!)

So if you're in the market for a smaller/low seat height, quiet, clean burning, more fuel efficient 4-stroke scooter, and thought your only choice was the Honda Metropolitan, stop by the shop and take a good hard look at the Sym Mio.

With twice the Honda warranty, so many more features, faster speed and front disc brakes, the Sym Mio is a big improvement over a proven design. Bang for your buck, value for your money, the Sym Mio is hard to beat. The guys and gals at the shop have fondly nicknamed the The Sym Mio as the "Honda Metropolitan Deluxe!"