Saturday, September 06, 2008


Just received our first shipment of the SYM HD200. A large wheeled, liquid cooled, highway capable scooter. Wow! Very impressive ride. The HD200 may be one of the quickest and most comfortable and stable scooters in the 200cc-250cc class!

Easy to read instrument cluster, with MPH in large print in the outer circle of the speedometer, again indicating SYM's commitment to the US market. Wide mirrors for a clear rear view. Improvements include a small windscreen that does just enough to direct airflow evenly over the top of the scooterist's helmet. The external, key lock gas cap is located next to the back of the saddle, no need to open the seat to fill up. Abundant storage under the seat. Fit, finish, paint are excellent, the red paint just pops. Controls also have a solid, quality feel.

The weight of the HD200 falls between Kymco's air cooled People S200, and the liquid cooled People S250, at right under 300lbs. The ride and handling of the HD200 is that of a much lighter scoot.

Acceleration block to block is exceptionally quick, especially for a scooter just prepped and right out of the crate. Roll on from 30mph to 50mph is sports car quick, out accelerating cars on Delaware Ave. Although windy down by the IKEA and the river, the SYM HD200 tracked straight and stable with seemingly no effects from the cross winds.

The saddle is sculpted with little room for movement fore and aft, but nevertheless comfortable enough. There's plenty of room between the knees and handlebars for taller riders. The HD200 should fit average to taller riders well. Ride position is upright, feet slightly forward.

Stopping power is provided by a front disc brake and rear drums. The rear rim has a disc brake mount, and a rear disc brake would be a welcome addition. During the test ride on Oregon Ave, a SUV making a left turn out of a bank, pulled out right in front of me, and the HD200 did stop in time. Always look ahead and anticipate. If you think a cager is going to do something stupid, most likely they will. Be prepared.

Overall, our initial impression of the HD200 is exceptional. Smooth power delivery, one of the most stable and comfortable rides. Excellent suspension that handles road imperfections flawlessly, keeping the wheels firmly on the road. The HD200 is all about the ride!

We expect the quality and reliability to be very good, as SYM was once a Honda partner and our 49cc SYMs have had few issues. All SYMs come with a 2 year part and labor factory warranty, supported by Philadelphia Scooters. Gas mileage is stated as 96 miles per gallon at 25mph, so we estimate real world mileage around 70-80 miles per gallon depending on riding style and conditions.

The SYM HD200 is the perfect "get around town with occasional jaunts on the highway" scooter. Light and nimble enough to ride and park in Center City, perfect to ride out to Manyunk, Germantown and Chestnut Hill. Stop by the shop and check it out. We also have a silver HD200 in stock and expecting a blue soon.