Wednesday, October 08, 2008


We have one RED, one White and one GREEN Fiddle 125
Hurry in before they're gone!

(originally posted 9/2/08)
Just received our first shipment of the new SYM FIDDLE II 125. SYM or Sang Yang Motors was once a Honda partner and Taiwan's largest scooter manufacturer. With SYM's excellent build quality and reliability, we have high expectations for SYM's newest model. Here's our first impressions of the SYM FIDDLE II.

At first glance, there's an obvious nod to the retro style and a close resemblance to the Vespa LX 50 and 150 series.

Vespa LX 150 MSRP $4399 (not including dealer prep & destination fees)

With similar dimensions as the Vespa LX 150, the SYM FIDDLE II 125 sports a telescopic front forks for a more stable ride quality, and a substantial feel much like the more expensive Italian marque.

The SYM FIDDLE II is larger than the new industry standard Genuine Buddy. While the Genuine Buddy feels a bit more nimble and more sportsbike like, the longer wheelbase SYM FIDDLE II offers more of a luxury, cruiser like ride. Not that the SYM is sluggish around the corners, it's just that the Genuine Buddy has set such a high standard in the handling department.

The generously sized saddle gives more room for you and your passenger, or to carry more stuff. We also enjoy the curved floorboard up front which allows riders to "kick their feet up" for even more of a feet forward ride.

Acceleration is brisk block to block. With proper break-in, we expect the SYM FIDDLE II to be quite quick with plenty of power to get around town, and keep up with traffic on Kelly Drive and Delaware Ave.

Attractive and easy to read analog dash, it's very nice to see the MPH in big print, a nice feature indicating SYM's commitment to the US market. There's a neat "Seat Open" button on the handlebar to open the seat while the scooter is running, so there's no need to turn off the scooter and use the key. Plenty of storage under the seat, and a functional rear rack comes standard.

Along with the steering column lock, there's also a spark arrestor switch under the seat that does not allow the scooter to be started for extra security. (We always recommend using the very strong ONGUARD LOCK).

So if you're considering the Vespa LX 150, the SYM FIDDLE II 125 is definitely worth a look as an excellent alternative. With double the warranty (2 years parts & labor) and at a price OVER $1500 LESS the new SYM FIDDLE II is a sure winner in the increasingly competitive scooter market!

Oh yeah, the SYM FIDDLE II is rated at 105.9 miles per gallon! (ok, so the rating is based on a constant speed of 31 miles per hour, your mileage may vary).

We currently have RED, GREEN and WHITE available, so stop by the shop and check out the new SYM FIDDLE II 125cc. Philadelphia Scooters is excited to offer the SYM FIDDLE II as another excellent choice for the scooter enthusiast.

(The 49cc SYM FIDDLE II coming soon).