Saturday, October 04, 2008

SYM RV 250 Review and Pics

Just received our RV250 SYM scooter, and all we can say (again) is WOW! With 4 valves per cylinder, this liquid cooled 250cc is the most impressive 250cc scooter we've come across. Ergonomically well designed, there's plenty of room for taller riders, yet the seat height and low center of gravity also fits average to shorter riders looking for a highway capable scooter.

Bigger than Kymco Grand Vista, and smaller than the XCiting 250 and Honda Reflex, the SYM RV250 may be your perfect sized scooter. The seating position is very comfortable, without feeling cramped or that you're sliding forward. The seat width seems just about right, and includes a welcome backrest for both the rider and the passenger.

Bright, bright halogen headlights with a very unique high beam offers car quality lighting to see the road ahead. The super bright LED taillight may be all other cars and scooters see as you quickly accelerate away. Additional driving lights also improve visibility.

The Sym RV250 is very well designed, with a build quality among the best in the scooter market, including anything from Japan or Italy.

Thoughtful design features such as the ignition key cover to prevent theft, and the attached gas cap shows the forward thinking and engineering that SYM is well known for. Once a Honda partner, SYM has taken the 250cc class scooter one step further.

The RIDE! That's what the SYM RV250 is all about. Fully highway capable scooter, the liquid cooled, 4 valve per ceramic coated cylinder really hums along at speed, with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to haul you back down. Quick, smooth, step less acceleration gets you ahead of traffic. The 13" wheels offer a stable ride without sacrificing scooter maneuverability. With a more refined sound and feel, the SYM rides like a luxury car, yet quite nimble and capable around Center City.

From getting groceries to a quick overnight getaway to the shore, there's plenty of room under the seat to carry everything you need. If you're looking for that perfect gas saving scooter to replace that gas guzzling SUV, the SYM RV250 is an excellent choice (and should get you around 70 mpg!). Stable at highway speed, yet not too enormous to ride and park around town, SYM has a top quality scooter in the RV250!