Saturday, February 09, 2008

Scooter Parking in Philadelphia

So what is the deal with scooter parking in Philly? Latest "unofficial" word is that scooters can be parked within 3 feet of a building, as long as it does not block pedestrian traffic, entrances etc., and the building owner doesn't object. We've also heard that scooters can be parked on bicycle "U" type racks. Scooterists have been getting tickets parking scooters on the sidewalk next to the street (locked to a street sign, parking meter etc.)

You can always park your scooter in a car parking space, but experience has shown that our small light scooters get knocked over, stolen, or even moved by inconsiderate car drivers for that coveted parking space!

If you get a scooter parking ticket, fight it if you can. More often than not, the parking adjudicator dismisses the ticket. In fact, we've heard that many scooterist have been told they shouldn't have gotten the ticket to begin with.

Our advice is, use common sense. Locking your scooter to parking meter, blocking the sidewalk on South St. over the weekend guarantees you a parking ticket. Park on a side street where the Parking Authority isn't as likely to patrol.

And if you're reading this, Philadelphia Parking Authority, scooterists are mostly responsible riders, reducing traffic congestion, saving gas, and making more legal parking spaces available for cars!

Of course, the most important thing to remember when parking your scooter, USE YOUR LOCK!!! Chain your scooter to something secure.