Monday, February 25, 2008

PAIJIFA 150cc 2-stroke Taiwan Vespa?

The Taiwanese Paijifa 150cc 2 stroke Vespa style scooter. Paijifa Industrial Co. of Taiwan entered into an agreement with Bajaj Auto Ltd. in 1976 to produce scooters in Taiwan. Bajaj had previously entered into a technical collaboration agreement with Piaggio of Italy to manufacture Vespas in India.

The Bajaj Super, Cub and Chetak were all based on the Vespa Sprint style scooters, while the Paijifa scooter looks to be based on the Vespa P series scooter. The Paijifa had a short run, and is no longer being made, but there are a few examples still in existence.

Interesting speedo and fuel gauge, looking more Indian than Italian. You can find more pics of the Paijifa and many other Asian Vespa style scooters at this great Japanese Scooter Blog. Click on the links and check out the Taiwanese T5, some great old Bajaj Ads, and crazy custom Indonesian scooters.

Vespa partnered with many different companies around the world to manufacture scooters. The Paijifa 150 is a distant cousin of America's favorite scooter, the Genuine Stella.