Friday, September 29, 2006

Genuine Black Cat, Genuine Rattler!

The Black Cat: Explosive Fun! Light off a Black Cat. It’s a blast! Knobby tires and a rugged build. Eye-popping colors and graphics. A fast clean two-stroke, WOW! Got a match? We’ve got the fuse. It’s year-round recess, kids. The Black Cat is a blast to ride and will get attention everywhere you go!

The Rattler. Ruler of America's flatlands and deserts. So why name a scooter after a SNAKE? Just 'cause we could. The Rattler combines technology with toughness. Non-poisonous, sqeaky-clean 2 stroke technology that gives her quickness and guts. Dual piston hydraulic front brakes. Gas filled rear shock to suck up the bumps, or to smooth out your neighborhood's potholes. Check her alloy headset, looks more like a motocross bike than a scooter. Digital dash lights up to remind you that you're speeding. Two year warranty. One year free roadside (or desert-side) Service. Start her up and hear the rattle.

Stop by Philly Scooters and check out the new Genuine Black Cat and Rattler! Both in stock and ready to go!