Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mopeds are like...

...scooters with pedals! Remember those carefree, lazy summer days between your freshman and sophmore years in high school? Staying up late, sleeping 'til noon, and riding with your moped gang buddies to hang out at the Circle K mini-mart. Puch, Motobecane, Jawa, Yamaha Chappy and Tomos were the major players of the day. Even JC Penney's sold a moped called the Pinto! (pics courtesy of

Of course, once you reached that magical age and got your car driver's license, your trusty, reliable moped became relegated to the dark lonely corner of the garage, never to be ridden again.

Well, now the moped has come full circle with a dedicated legion of fans. Easy to ride, easy to park and touting 100 miles per gallon, the MOPED has made a comeback!

Philadelphia Scooters is proud to announce we are now an authorized TOMOS moped dealer.

The last major Moped brand sold in the USA, we've found TOMOS moped to be well built, and a blast to ride. Stylish, fun, practical throwback to those teenage years. A much better value than the cheap "Ebay" 49cc scooters, plus mopeds can be parked legally like a bicycle in Philly, and most other cities and towns.